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An X11 interface to leverage locate tools

Installation instructions

version 0.81, June 14th, 2023
Copyright: © 2023 Alexandre Oberlin

XLocate is a file system index management tool and a front-end to the most popular GNU-Linux fast search utilities. XLocate allows you to maintain a collection of databases for shelved or offsite CD/DVD/Blu-ray collections, memory sticks, SD cards and other memory cards, fixed and removable hard disks, network places, etc. You can define search sets and get a high level of flexibility through a large choice of options.

Detailed description

XLocate manual (pdf)

Installation instructions

Prerequisites for xlocate-0.81 :

The required software listed below comes along with any recent distribution.

View xlocate_0.81.lsm -- View ChangeLog

Download XLocate
Build/query/manage locate database for multiple mounted or shelved volumes for instant retrieval of every file

Installation instructions from source archive (currently unavailable):

Let’s suppose you downloaded the archive xlocate-qt5-dist_0.81.tar.gz in "/tmp" directory.

Installation instructions for Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives:

Let’s suppose you downloaded the Debian package xlocate-qt5-dist_0.81_amd64.deb in "/tmp" directory.

Installation instructions for distros other that Debian/Ubuntu and derivatives:

Let’s suppose you downloaded the zip archive xlocate-qt5-dist_0.81_amd64.zip in "/tmp" directory.