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An X11 interface to leverage locate tools

Installation instructions

version 0.73, July 23, 2021
Copyright: © 2021 Alexandre Oberlin

XLocate is a file system index management tool and a front-end to the most popular GNU-Linux fast search utilities. XLocate allows you to maintain a collection of databases for shelved or offsite CD/DVD/Blu-ray collections, memory sticks, SD cards and other memory cards, fixed and removable hard disks, network places, etc. You can define search sets and get a high level of flexibility through a large choice of options.

Detailed description

XLocate manual (pdf)

Installation instructions

Prerequisites for xlocate-0.73 :

The required software listed below comes along with any recent distribution.

View xlocate-0.73.lsm -- View ChangeLog

configure options for version 0.73

The configure script for xlocate-0.73 relies on installed version of Qt.

Usage: configure [ -e | -g | -t | -d install_dir | -h ]

If you use GNU locate (findutils version 4.1.6 or higher, e.g. in SUSE distribution) and don't want to change for slocate, you can configure for GNU locate. There are some minor differences however:

Quick installation instructions:

Let's suppose you downloaded the archive xlocate-0.73.tar.gz in /tmp

$> cd /tmp
$> tar -xvzf xlocate-0.73.tar.gz
$> cd xlocate-0.73
$> ./configure                          # or './configure -g' if you use GNU Locate 
$> make
$> su -c 'make install'			# (enter root password)