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Purchasing the karaKEY

We currently distribute the karaKB software exclusively on a 32GB USB 3.1 Sandisk CruzerFit mini flash drive called the karaKEY

The karaKEY currently provides a full implementation of Debian 9.5 Stretch including:

Please note that you do not strictly need an external MIDI keyboard to use the software, however your experience will be much more rewarding if you do. 

Note also that you will need a 64 bits computer with access to the administrator mode of the BIOS/UEFI.

Debian 9.5 Stretch is shipped with persistence capability, which means that:

In addition to the persistence partition, the remaining space on the USB key contains another standard ext4 partition where you can install programs and store files permanently.

The karaKEY has a 30 days full money back warranty with no request for justification.

The karaKEY is sold through Paypal exclusively (a protection for you) at €129 only, fast delivery costs included for all countries.

Play Piano Now with the karaKEY

A glimpse at the karaKB musical software

HTML manual for karaKB

PDF manual for karaKB

Download karaKB demo
100% fonctional except external files opening, instructions in README file

karaKB 0.50 demo - zipped executable

  • To install in /usr/local, cd to the directory where the file was downloaded
  • 'unzip -d /tmp karakb-qt4-demo_0.50_amd64.zip'
  • 'cd /tmp/karakb_0.50_extra_files'
  • 'sudo chmod a+x karakb'
  • 'sudo ./install_karakb_demo.sh'

karaKB 0.50 demo - Debian/Ubuntu package

  • Right click + Save as
  • 'sudo dpkg -i karakb-qt4-demo_0.50_amd64.deb'

Getting started with the karaKEY

I still have questions about the karaKEY

Please send me the karaKEY