Why should the finest musical instruments be absurdly crippled?

I was always feeling like an automaton or a circus dog...

As you know if you have been rambling around my website for a rational way to tune the guitar or the non-reasons behind the irregular piano layout I am a definite supporter of uniform tuning, for guitar and for other instruments which are just lame due to outdated concepts and terribly sticky mistakes. I am glad that the string quartet is not among them.

Concerning the tuning of the guitar in major thirds, I am not expressing theoretical views. I know what I am talking about because I know what I could do before I used major thirds and what I can do now, and I tell you there is nothing to compare.

With the standard tuning I had tried pop songs, folk tunes, to finally work pretty hard on classical stuff at a time. I could play tenths of classical pieces of different periods. However I WAS ALWAYS FEELING LIKE AN AUTOMATON OR A CIRCUS DOG...

Then one day I made up my mind to tune my guitar afresh and I knew at once that nothing would ever be the same. With major thirds tuning I AM IN CONTROL. I always know where I stand and what I may try. I know what chord I am playing and in which scale. Despite my very modest level, I can experiment and come up with audible tunes. This of course is due to the fact that the distribution of notes is LOGICAL. Being logical, it reduces to a very small number of patterns and becomes very quickly intuitive. Would you buy a car whose steering wheel must be turned twice more to turn to the right than to the left? Do you think it would be easy to get used to it? I guess the driving teachers would support it because the learning period would last so much more...

"The arrangement of longer keys for C major with intervening, shorter keys for the intermediate semitones dates to the 15th century." (Wikipedia).

About the uniform keyboard:
"This invention will have replaced the present piano keyboard in fifty years time!" -- Franz Liszt
"If I were to begin my career anew it would be on this keyboard." -- Arthur Rubinstein

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